DIY Bump Costume: Painted Jack-O-Lantern Shirt


At eight months pregnant there’s honestly not a lot of dressing up I want to do, but you’re only this pregnant on Halloween so many times, so I just had to take advantage. Since Mose is a pumpkin, I decided to dress the bump up as a pumpkin as well. This super easy DIY only took about an hour from start to finish, and cost me less than $10!


I was honestly quite glad I made it to Halloween! After I made my pumpkin shirt I kept thinking I was going to go into labor and not have the chance to wear it. But luckily, such a thing did not happen. Three weeks to go until due date and I’m soooo excited!!!!

IMG_4256 IMG_4262

Anyway, on to the DIY. Here is what you’ll need:

  • A baby bump
  • An orange shirt (I got mine from Wal-Mart)
  • Paint brush
  • Fabric pen (a regular marker would probably work just fine as well, since you’ll paint over it anyway)
  • Black acrylic paint
  • Textile medium (can be found at Hobby Lobby)
  • Mod podge
  • Black glitter
  • A piece of cardboard or paperboard (such as a used cereal box)


Mose always wants to help with my DIYs.


Step 1: Try on your shirt and make marks where the eyes, ears, and mouth should go. This is important if you’re pregnant because your belly is probably not what it used to be and it’s really easy to misjudge (LOL).


Step 2: Slip your cardboard or cereal box into the shirt and lay it flat. This is so the paint does not bleed through to the other side of the shirt.


Step 3: Outline your jack-o-lantern face with the fabric pen. I just free-handed it, but if you’re more comfortable using a pattern there are lots of them on the internet.


Step 4: Mix a few drops of textile medium into your paint. Paint the jack-o-lantern face. Let dry.


Step 5: As soon as the black paint is dry, brush on some mod podge and then sprinkle with black glitter. Let dry then shake off any excess glitter.


Step 6: Just so glitter doesn’t get everywhere when wearing it, I decided to go over the glitter layer with one more thin layer of mod podge.


And voila! That’s it!


And here is evidence of my excellent selfie skills with the bump. HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!

Happy Memorial Day and a Bump Update

Happy Memorial Day! Grant and I are driving home from a weekend well-spent in Iowa so I thought I’d take today to give you a bump update.


I don’t have much of a bump yet, and that’s okay with me. I just hit the fourteen week mark last Thursday which means – yippee! – goodbye first trimester! The first trimester is reportedly the worst of pregnancy, what with the morning sickness and constant tiredness. I am still feeling a wee bit queasy, but I cooked dinner twice last week so things are looking up!

The baby is currently the size of a lemon. He/she is wiggling toes and sucking thumbs in there. According to my pregnancy app (The Bump, in case any of you were wondering), he/she is growing at an alarming rate – doubled in size since last week and keeping it up!


In other news, Grant and I are in the process of purchasing a home. We would appreciate your prayers that everything will go smoothly from here on out, and that we will hopefully be able to move in before our summer starts getting super crazy. I am dreaming about nurseries and home-improvement projects, so moving in can’t come soon enough!

Have a great day of rest on this Memorial Day. 🙂