Back to School Basics

Having a math teacher husband is nice for many reasons. Number one: he does math so I don’t have to (he tries to make me solve whatever problem we’re talking about first, but when I fail he doesn’t say much). Number two: he gets summers off, which means lots of time to do lots of stuff! When Grant gets summers off, it means I get summers off too (to a certain extent; I still have my business and transcriptions, but I also get to travel and play!).

I can’t believe those blessed two and a half months have already come to a close. Much of our summer break was spent fixing up the house – which, thank goodness, we are finally moved into. We wanted to get the bulk of the big stuff done before school started up again – finishing the basement, scraping ceilings, painting, and new floors – so now we’ve just got some minor things to finish up, and we can do all of those things while living in it.

I’ll be sad to no longer have my husband around all day, helping with the house repairs and whatnot, but reality had to come sooner or later. Happy first week back to school, honey!

Here are some fantastic products on Etsy to get you back in the mood for school, whether you’re a student, parent, teacher, or teacher’s wife. And remember, back-to-school also means it’s almost FALL! And who could possibly be sad about that??

back to school basics copy

  1. Oil Cloth Lunch Bag by Cute Bright Things, $16. I actually have this lunch box…it almost makes me wish I could go back to high school and get some good use out of it!
  2. Bunny Pencil Pouch by MosMea, $34. Because anything that combines bunnies with utility is a good thing.
  3. Driftwood Pencils by Storie Brooke, $13. Using neat pencils will definitely make note-taking more fun!
  4. Vintage Pink Glasses by Oliver and Alexa, $22. Update your eyeware this fall with these fantastic pink frames.
  5. But First, Coffee T-Shirt by Armi Tee, $18. I don’t know about you, but coffee is a must-have for me before I do anything remotely intelligent. Wear this tee with pride!
  6. Make It Happen Notebook by Gingersnap Press, $9. A cute, encouraging notebook makes taking notes a breeze!
  7. Lace Up Ankle Boots by The Drifter Leather, $121. Step up your style with these gorgeous ankle boots. Casual enough to wear everyday, but can certainly be dressed up as well.
  8. Teepee Bookend by Decorated Room, $25. I’m definitely loving these teepee bookends. Perfect for keeping all those new books from the semester in place.
  9. Constellation Planner by Ninj and Ninj, $20. Planners are essential to organization. This one is super cute.
  10. Measure Up Earrings by Super Fantastic Julie, $5. If you’re a math fanatic, these earrings are perfect! Or just wear them to impress your math teacher. 😉
  11. Turquoise Messenger Bag by Metaphor, $89. A fresh bag for a fresh year…this one really makes a statement.
  12. Secret Garden Silk Scarf by Somewhere Store, $64. As the weather gets chillier a cute scarf is necessary. The pattern on this one is gorgeous.

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