Great Gifts for the Grad

Last week, a customer contacted me asking if I could make a graduation gift for her book-loving grad. Being so removed from the world of schooling, I had forgotten about graduation gifts and parties and celebrations (odd, I know, considering my husband is a high school teacher). Nevertheless, it got me thinking about my own graduations and the types of things I would have loved to receive in celebration of my matriculation.

I’ll be focusing on nerdy gifts for the grad as, duh!, I’m a massive nerd. Everything is also from Etsy, of course. Enjoy!


For the General Studies Major:
1. Pray Continually Embroidery Hoop by Mattson Made Shop on Etsy, $20.
2. Oak Table Light by Solen Studios on Etsy, $120.
3. The World is Your Oyster Hand-Lettered Globe by Wild and Free Designs on Etsy, $230.

For the Science or Math Major:
4. Dinosaur Fossil Necklace by Xuanqi Rabbit on Etsy, $18.
5. Hand-Embroidered Geometry Notebook by Fabulous Cat Papers on Etsy, $26.
6. Science Girl Pillow Cover by Pai and Pear on Etsy, $32.

For the English Major:
7. Gone With the Wind Phone Case by Chick Lit Designs on Etsy, $29.
8. Poe Fo Sho Sweatshirt by Little Literary on Etsy, $34.

For the Creative Writing Major:
9. Recycled Newspaper Pencil Set by Social Goods Co on Etsy, $12.
10. Write Necklace by Laurel and Lime on Etsy, $30.

For the Education Major:
11. Teacher Coffee Mug by The Coffee Corner, $15.
12. Grammar Police T-Shirt by Alphonnsine on Etsy, $26.

Most of these gifts would be great for the high school or the college graduate! Congrats Class of 2015!


One thought on “Great Gifts for the Grad

  1. Hi Hayleigh They’re all lovely ideas – the superpower mug is really nice – teachers are not loved enough – especially not the one I married poor man (he teaches history and philosophy).

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