Easy Mirror Makeover

Like I said in my post the other day, I love shopping at craft fairs. It’s one of the ultimate pleasures of life, I think. Before Behind the Picket Fence (the craft fair I did a couple weeks ago) opened its doors for the day, I did some browsing and found an awesome upcycled mirror that I really wanted to buy. But after looking at it for a few moments and pondering the situation, I realized that I could easily replicate the look myself!

IMG_2973IMG_2955I could tell that the mirror at the craft fair had originally been a simple, white framed vintage mirror, and the shop owner had then decoupaged the frame with a gorgeous Rifle Paper Co. scrapbook paper pattern. I think the paper was what really had me drooling for the mirror. I had an old, plain mirror already at home, and I am always armed with a crap ton of mod podge and scrapbook paper, so I decided to go for it. It was a fun and simple project to do, and now I have this gorgeous, spring-worthy mirror setting centerfold on my table! Perfect.


Here’s what you’ll need:

  • mod podge
  • wide bristled paint brush
  • scrapbook paper, pattern of your choice
  • vintage mirror, or mirror with plain white frame
  • Polyurethane stain (optional)

IMG_2957First, clean your mirror really well. Especially if you’re using an old mirror, make sure all of the dust and grime is removed from the frame and glass. It makes cleanup way easier later.IMG_2960Next, rip your paper into little pieces. Most of mine were about an inch, but you can do whatever size you’d like as long as it fits your frame. Place your pieces where you think you want them on the mirror, then set them around the edges so they’re easier to grab later.

IMG_2961Now it’s time to mod podge. Take your brush and swipe a good amount of mod podge on a small portion of the frame. It should look like you’re using way too much (it isn’t, believe me). Place the paper on top of the mod podge and smooth it out, making sure the adhesive covers the bottom of the paper as well as the entire top of the paper. This provides a waterproof surface for your mirror. Smooth out any bubbles.

IMG_2963Continue until the entire frame is covered in paper. Let the mod podge dry for 4 to 5 hours. If you’d like to make your mirror even more waterproof, paint over it with a thin layer of polyurethane stain, either clear or with a slight tint (which would give it a more vintage look in the end). Let this dry for at least a day, or until the stain is no longer tacky.


And like magic, you have a gorgeous, colorful mirror! Making this mirror for myself was way better than buying the one I saw at the craft fair. 😉 I hope you enjoyed my tutorial! If you try it out for yourself, instagram your finished project and tag @peelsandposies! I’d love to see your final product.




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