Announcement #2: We’re Having a Baby!

In about seven months Grant and I will be adding another member to the DeRocher clan – a little baby!

babyThat’s right! I am 11 weeks pregnant, in the throes of morning sickness, exhaustion, and food aversions. I haven’t baked or cooked anything in weeks because I can’t stand the smell of food, and I feel like I’m asleep (or wanting to be asleep) more often than not. Other than that, pregnancy has been good! Aaaaand I have high hopes for the second trimester (everyone always says it’s way better than the first, so here’s to that).

I had a good time telling family the news. Maybe I told them sooner than kosher (most articles I’ve read say 12 weeks is the norm), but gaaaah, I hate keeping secrets and I literally could not hold it in after I had my first ultrasound. (Which, by the way, was one of the coolest things ever. Hearing the little baby’s heartbeat – amazing). So after that appointment (which was about three weeks ago), I rushed home and ordered this from Little Elephant Crafts on Etsy to send to my parents.

bunBecause what could be a better way to tell them I’m pregnant than with a literal bun?! I anxiously waited for it to arrive at their house, but when it finally did get there they had already left for a business trip to Chicago. Which meant more secret keeping and more waiting. When they got home it took them a couple (agonizing) days to actually sift through the mail, but finally at 6 am on a Tuesday morning my mom figured it out. I got an excited phone call which was a very effective alarm clock.

bunny4As for the bunny in the oven (above), that was my sister’s idea. I told her I was pregnant forever ago because I couldn’t keep it in, so I asked her advice on how to tell my brother and his wife. As they too have a bunny, we figured they’d understand the pun – bunny owners often call their rabbits “buns”; hence, a bun in the oven. LOL! At first Mose was confused about being in my dutch oven, but after a couple minutes he settled in and really seemed to like his new spot. Of course, he didn’t get to stay in there long. 😆 😉 😎

So within hours of my mom and sister-in-law posting these pictures on Facebook, it seemed like the whole world knew – which I was perfectly all right with since I hate spreading news myself. Now that the word is out though, I ask all my dear followers to keep Grant and me in your prayers – for a healthy pregnancy and baby, and for wisdom in deciding how to upgrade our living situation (our current house is waaay too small for another human being, even a wee babe).

Oh, and by the way – our baby is currently the size of a small plum. Just a fun fact. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Announcement #2: We’re Having a Baby!

  1. Congratulations, Haleigh and Grant – I am so excited for you. The joy of a child surpasses all joy in the world. Holding you in my prayers and loving you in my heart.

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