Spring Has Sprung! Spring Inspiration and a Giveaway

IMG_2627It’s April!!! It’s spring!!!!

It isn’t hard for me to get in the mood for spring, what with this gorgeous weather and the budding trees and the grass turning green again. People around here say this is very odd weather for end of March/beginning of April and that it doesn’t necessarily bode well for our summer, but I think it is simply fantastic.

Spring is just cropping up everywhere, including one of my favorite places ever – Etsy. It is a time of inspiration, so I have put together a collection of Etsy items perfect for welcoming Spring with a bang.

inspiration for spring on etsy copy1. Find Joy in the Ordinary Print by Katievas on Etsy, $14. Spring demands bright colors and happy sayings. I love this particular saying because it rings so true in the spring – blooming flowers seem ordinary on the surface, but there is something deliciously miraculous about them as well.

2. Hand-Painted Wooden Bobby Pins by Jill Makes on Etsy, $20. Welcome spring in style with these adorable hand-painted bobby pins. With the weather getting warm, it’s absolutely necessary to have something to keep your hair out of your face – might as well use something colorful and handmade.

3. Lavender Fish Eye Pillow by Alia Grace Dolls on Etsy, $36. I’m obsessed with this fish eye pillow right now. With the days getting longer, it’s essential to get your beauty sleep. This soothing eye pillow is filled with lavender – perfect!

4. Tropical Banana Ottoman by Square Fox Design on Etsy, $90.  Brighten up your home for spring with this sassy banana ottoman. I would LOVE this in my living room!

5. Patterned Paint Roller by Patterned Paint Rollers on Etsy, $19. Spring is the perfect time for freshening up your home decor. This gorgeous paint roller would make a lovely pattern in a kitchen or small room. Can also be used for smaller projects, like furniture. Patterned table, anyone?

6. Matisse Removable Wallpaper by Kate Zaremba Company on Etsy, $27. If you are renting or hesitant about the permanentness of paint but still want a fresh look for your home for spring, this removable wall paper is the perfect option! I love the colors and pattern of this design – very springish.

7. Pineapple Pocket Notebook by Modern Botanic Shop on Etsy, $8.50. It’s always a good idea to keep a notebook handy to record your spring adventures. This journal bears such a cute pineapple pattern that it’s just irresistible.

8. Abstract Acrylic Painting by Wild Humm on Etsy, $40. I love the happy spring colors of this abstract painting. A great cheer-me-up for any mantel or desk.

9. Hand-Dyed Silk Scarf by Caroline Sallen on Etsy, $28. Spring is the perfect time to don one of these lightweight, hand-dyed silk scarves. The colors just scream spring!

10. Rose Quilt Pattern PDF by Flowers N Butterflies on Etsy, $10. What could be a better time to pick up a new hobby than spring? This gorgeous rose quilt pattern is almost enough to get me quilting. I would LOVE to have this blanket on my bed right now.

IMG_2623I hope you enjoyed my Spring Inspiration list! Be sure to visit my Instagram page today, tomorrow, or Friday for a chance to win my new Spring Has Sprung Wall Flag. It will also be available in my shop soon. Cheers!


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