Cute DIY Succulents (Made From Rocks)

I LOVE succulents! You’ve probably noticed this if you follow my Facebook page or instagram account. I like them because they are hardy and beyond cute and can be planted basically anywhere. Such as a vintage teapot or a pretty crystal goblet. Guys, succulents are, like, the best plants ever.


Even though they are supposed to survive anything, sometimes succulents too will die. For instance, my husband bought me a cactus for our one-year anniversary, which we deemed our “love cactus.” I put it by the window and watered it occasionally, but for some ridiculous reason it still died a few months after we got it. 😥 (Fortunately, our love did not die with it.)


So for those out there who are hard on plants but want some succulents in your home, I’ve got the perfect succulent solution for you – cactus rocks! All it takes is some flat rocks and green paint and a pretty little thing to plant them in. What’s nice about these rock succulents is that you can put them anywhere in your house – rocks don’t need sun, see? Furthermore, you can forget about them entirely but they still will not die. WOO HOO!!!!!

Here’s what you need:


  • some flat rocks
  • a few shades of green paint
  • a paintbrush
  • dirt, sand, or small pebbles
  • a planting container

Here’s how to do it:

Lay your rocks on a piece of paper so as not to get paint everywhere. Paint one side at a time. Let dry completely.

IMG_2476Meanwhile, put some dirt, sand, or pebbles into your planter, filling it about 3/4 of the way. Once the paint on your succulent rocks has dried, wedge them into the dirt so they stand on their own. You can put one to a planter or stuff them all in there like I did. I personally like the look of a full succulent container.

IMG_2482 IMG_2494

Place wherever you’d like! This is the easiest DIY ever and turns out SO CUTE! If you like succulents give this one a go. Don’t forget to instagram your creation and tag @peelsandposies!



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