DIY Notebook Paper Gift Pouches For Small Gifts


Cute packaging for small gifts is really easy to come by, and doesn’t require the purchase of special materials. In fact, it’s as easy as a piece of notebook paper, a sewing machine, and some string.


I don’t know about you, but Grant and I have a ton of notebook paper left over from our college days. We don’t really have much of a use for it anymore, so it’s just been taking up space in our already over-crowded desk. You can make gift packages using this same method with any type of paper, really – scrapbook paper, craft paper, newspaper, etc. But I like the idea of using notebook paper for a couple of reasons: 1). It saves space in my desk. 2). There’s something whimsical and nostalgic about a wrapping a gift in notebook paper. It makes me think of my school days, and I kinda like that.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • notebook paper (one sheet per small gift)
  • scissors
  • washi tape or small brads
  • string
  • sewing machine


First, fold the paper in half, and make a mark for where you want to trim it down. You’ll want a little bit of seam allowance for sewing, and also a little bit of space once your gift is in the package. If it is too tight, you’ll risk tearing your paper. For a guide, mark where you plan on sewing. (I normally just eyeball it, but do whatever feels most comfortable to you.)

IMG_1629IMG_1634 IMG_1635IMG_1642

Now it’s time for the sewing. Sew along the lines you marked. After you are finished with this, trim the extra thread and edges.

IMG_1643 IMG_1645IMG_1646

There are many different ways of dealing with the flap of your pouch to make it unique. One way is cutting a pattern on the top of the paper and folding it down once, securing the sides of the pouch with washi tap so the pattern is visible.


Another way is folding the flap over and over and pinning it down with two brads on the edges of the pouch. This is my favorite way of securing the pouch closed.


Yet another way is folding the flap down once, and then simply placing washi tape down to secure it.


And I of course always like to adorn my pouches with ribbon or string and a homemade tag (using one of these awesome Uchida paper punches). It’s fun to get creative with gift packaging! There are a plethora of customizations you could do to make your gift really stand out in its packaging. If you try your hand at this packaging DIY, don’t forget to instagram it and tag @peelsandposies!


Click here for the Gone with the Wind bookmark pictured above, available in my Etsy shop. And my marvelous Peels and Posies stamp is from Paper Sushi on Etsy.


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