Find me on Feast+West today!


Today, I’m over at Feast+West with 34 fantastic reasons for you to visit my homeland, Sheridan and the Bighorn Mountains. The series is called Hidden Gems Travel Guides, and Sheridan County, Wyoming fits that description perfectly. From wildlife abounding to gorgeous mountain vistas, my home is a place worth visiting and I am happy to be sharing some of it’s best qualities with you. Click here for the entire article!

Here’sĀ a sneak peek:

IMG_0936DSCN5954 IMG_0876DSCN8130DSCN6051


3 thoughts on “Find me on Feast+West today!

  1. Wyoming looks so beautiful, Haleigh! I have heard this before, but I am so delighted to get firsthand knowledge. Your photos are absolutely stunning and I hope I can make a road trip through there very soon. Thank you so much for sharing your time and talents with Feast + West. I am so grateful that we connected.

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