Simple Spring Wall Hanging Tutorial


As I predicted, the weather has turned sour once more. It’s certainly not as cold as it could be, but it is cold. *Tears* I just must have a little spring in my house, though, so I decided to make a fresh and flowery wall hanging, consisting of simply a branch, some mountain pinecones, a few fake flowers, and twine. It’s a DIY that takes only a few minutes, and adds a lot of cheer to a winter immeshed home!


In the summer when the wildflowers are blooming, I want to make a similar wall hanging to this one, but with real flowers instead of the fake ones. For now, however, this one suffices – I love how easy it was to make and that I didn’t have to go to the store to get any materials (the flowers were leftover from a bouquet of fake flowers I used in a different project).

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • a medium to large sized branch, depending on how big you want your wall hanging to be.
  • cotton twine cut into 5 (or more) 24″ pieces
  • Fake flowers, cut from the bouquet leaving a small length of stem
  • 3 pinecones (or any other end adornment you can think of)


First, tie your first piece of string to the end of the branch. Double knot it so it doesn’t slip. Next, begin tying your flowers to the string, knotting at the base of the stem.


Wrap the end of the string around the pinecone so that it will not come loose (about four or five times). Now simply repeat the entire process for the remaining length of the stick, leaving an appropriately sized gap between each garland strand. Trim off any excess string.


And that’s it!


I can’t believe how cute this wall hanging turned out. What makes this project fun is that the wall hanging will look completely different depending on what type and color of flower you use. It is so easily customizable that it could fit into any home!


If you try your hand at this DIY, post a picture of it on instagram and tag @peelsandposies!



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