Happy Valentine’s Day and 14 Things I Appreciate About My Husband


Well, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. In high school I proclaimed animosity toward this holiday. Everything was so pink and red and lovey-dovey, and of course I had no one to direct this sort of mushiness at, so I hated everything instead. I was a bit of an antagonist.

At Grace High School, every Valentine’s Day we could sign up to send our friends/crushes/people-we-were-trying-to-impress either candy or carnations, a dollar a pop, and then at the beginning of every class period little cupids of love (student council members) would deliver said candy or carnations to the people who received them, with a little note from the giver. I used to fume in my seat as the “popular” kids got like a hundred per class; I would get maybe three or four the entire day. It just seemed so stupid, and that combined with the rest of it just put me in a bad mood.

I’ll admit that the candy/carnation thing still seems rather questionable to me, but now that I have love in my life, I no longer hate Valentine’s Day. I try to show love for my husband every day of the year, but Valentine’s Day just gives me an extra excuse to buy him a new shirt or make him a really elaborate chocolate cake. I love him SO much, and I love that there is a holiday devoted to celebrating this!


I know Valentine’s Day can be hard if you are single, but honestly, it doesn’t have to be a useless holiday if you are “alone” – because, well, you are not alone. There are tons of people in your life who love you – your family, your friends. Do something special for them on Valentine’s Day to show them how much you appreciate that they are in your life; doing things for others will ALWAYS lift your spirits.

So in honor of February 14th, I have decided to make a list of 14 things I appreciate about my husband. I could say 14 things I love about him, but let’s be honest – love is a rather vague, abstract word in our culture. I love my husband, but I also love bananas. So….Appreciation is defined as “the recognition and enjoyment of the good qualities of someone or something.” Ready go:

  1. I appreciate that he will eat anything I make, even if it is a weird, experimental vegetarian dish.
  2. I appreciate that he works out with me whenever I suggest it.
  3. I appreciate that he give me back rubs without me even asking.
  4. I appreciate that he makes the bed every morning, even though before we got married he didn’t know what making a bed was (slight exaggeration).
  5. I appreciate that he smells every candle I shove in his face when we are in the candle section of Wal-Mart or Bath and Body Works (and that could be, like, a hundred candles).
  6. I appreciate that he listens when I go into long (probably boring) monologues about books I’m reading or Etsy stuff.
  7. I appreciate that he has never doubted my decision to work from home and pursue my dreams.
  8. I appreciate that he has never said a bad thing about my book obsession, even when we had to pack them all up and move them across the country.
  9. I appreciate that he supports me when I want to get MORE books (even though you’d probably think we’re both crazy if you saw how many books we have).
  10. I appreciate that he knows me well enough to show me videos of cute animals when I’m down in the dumps.
  11. I appreciate that he works incredibly hard to support us.
  12. I appreciate that he does things with me that he wouldn’t have done before we were together, like play tennis and rollerblade and rummage around antique shops.
  13. I appreciate that he takes care of the mice we’ve caught in mouse traps so I don’t have to look at their sad little limp feet.
  14. I appreciate that he chose to love me and marry me, and that he is a man of God so I never have to worry about him not loving me.

That was surprisingly easy – let your loved ones know how much you appreciate them tomorrow. Happy Valentine’s Day!



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