A Book Lover’s Guide to Valentine’s Day


Bibliophiles are a rare breed in this day and age, so we need to band together! As a bibliophile myself and being married to man who is not so much a bibliophile, I’ve realized that we can be a bit mysterious. When wandering the aisles of a bookstore, I am essentially dead to the world – just don’t talk to me because you won’t get a response. Likewise, the smell of old books is like sweet nectar to my nose, nine times out of ten I would rather be reading than doing what I am doing (and the tenth time I am probably talking about books), and no matter how inconvenient or problematic it is, I will not be getting rid of books to make a move across the county easier. Book lovers just have a way, and that way is the right way.

There are lots of nice things about liking books. For instance, reading is proven to heighten intelligence, understanding, and reasoning. Having books in the house prevents bookshelves from looking stupid and empty. If need be, you always have a backup book if the one you are reading turns out to be dumb. It is the perfect system. For some reason, though, people who don’t have the same fervor for books just don’t seem to understand.


Nevertheless, while we might seem mysterious from the outside, I have a little secret to tell you: Bibliophiles are really easy to shop for. Basically any book or book related item will make the bibliophile swoon. Forget the chocolates and roses; go for book-themed candles instead. For your pleasure, I have compiled a collection of magnificent bookish items that any true bibliophile would love to get for Valentine’s Day.

booklovers guide to valentines day copy

1. The Drop Cap Classic Series, available at Juniper Books or Amazon, about $20 per book. This is the perfect gift for anyone who uses books as a way of decorating. Some of the most beautiful books on the market today. I’ve been lusting after them since they started coming out in 2013.

2. Bookworm NecklacePoesy Ross on Etsy, $20. This particular necklace defines “librocubicularist: person who reads in bed.” I, for one, make reading in a bed a regular habit, so this necklace hits close to home. Poesy Ross has a plethora of other book-inspired items to choose from!

3. Old Books Scented Candle, Frostbeard Studio on Etsy, $16. I have this candle and it really does capture the smell of old books! Which is every book lover’s favorite smell.

4. Virginia Woolf Coffee Mug, Blackbird Studio on Etsy, $14. Nothing pairs better than a Virginia Woolf novel and a good cup of joe in a Virginia Woolf mug.

5. In the Night Kitchen T-Shirt, Out of Print Clothing, $28. I happen to love this classic picture book, but Out of Print has a number of other deliciously literary t-shirts and accessories as well.

6. Bookplate Stamp, Paper Sushi on Etsy, $28. Paper Sushi makes the best stamps! And everyone with a lot of books needs a bookplate stamp to mark their territory.

7. Bookshelf Necklace, Coryographies on Etsy, $44. I sooooooooo love this necklace!

8. The In Bloom Book Collection by Rifle Paper Co., available at RiflePaperCo.com or Amazon, $64 for the set. Another gorgeous book collection with covers designed by the ever famous Rifle Paper Company. When a book is truly a piece of art.


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