DIY Felt Ranunculus Wreath

Okay, it’s time for winter to be banished. Last week we happily experienced some delightful, above average temperatures in Dayton (up to nearly 60 one day) and it was soooo good that all I could think about was flowers and farmers’ markets and fresh vegetables. Of course, it snowed again yesterday, so I’m in the slumps once more, but I have a lovely ranunculus flower wreath hanging on my door now to remind me that spring will come eventually.


Since there are no flowers to be had this time of year, and I didn’t feel like making a run-of-the-mill fake flower wreath, I decided to make some felt flowers. Ranunculus are my favorite type of flower (I had them in my wedding bouquet!) and they are relatively easy to recreate using felt and hot glue. I would have gone for some brighter, more springish colors, but red, cream, and white were all I had in my felt collection and I wanted to use what I had before going out and buying more.


Even though the colors weren’t exactly what I had in mind, I really like how it turned out. It’s kind of romantic, perfect for the approaching Valentine’s Day. The little note on the side says “love lives here” which is interchangeable, so perhaps after Valentine’s Day I’ll change it out for a different quote or saying.

MATERIALS for flowers:

  • Felt (I used red, white, and cream)
  • Green craft paper
  • Floral wire
  • Hot glue gun and sticks
  • Scissors


Step one: Cut out one sheet of felt into small circles (about 30).

Step two: Take your first circle cutout and cut a small hole through the center. Cut a short length of floral wire and put it through the hole in your cut out. Press it against the felt. Put a dab of hot glue over the wire and mush your felt into a flower shape.


Step three: Take your next circle and put a line of hot glue along the bottom. Wrap it around your center flower mush.

IMG_0745 IMG_0751

Step four: Continue with the process until your flower is the size you want it. Next, take your paper cutout and cut a hole in the center.

IMG_0754 IMG_0757

Step five: Place it on the floral wire, add some hot glue to the base of the flower, and press down on the paper.

IMG_0758 IMG_0760 IMG_0762 IMG_0764

MATERIALS for wreath:

  • About 9 felt ranunculus
  • Paper covered floral wire
  • Extra floral wire (plain)
  • Cutout paper leaves
  • Extra greenery
  • Hot glue gun and sticks


Step one: Use the paper covered floral wire to create a round wreath form. I used two layers of wire for the top and three-four for the bottom of the wreath for added support for the flowers.

Step two: Start attaching your flowers by wrapping the floral wire stem around the bottom of your wreath form.


Step three: Continue attaching flowers, adding hot glue where necessary, until the bottom of the wreath form is filled.


Step four: Finally, add your paper leaves and extra greenery until the wreath is filled to your liking. Attach them with hot glue.


For the note on the side, I simply used my typewriter to type out “love lives here,” and used rubber cement to glue it on to scrapbook paper. It is attached with a clothespin. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! If you try it be sure to post it to instagram with a @peelsandposies tag!

IMG_0836IMG_0817 IMG_0818





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