Choose Joy: Winter Musings and a Giveaway

winter blues

It is always right around this time of year – mid-January – that I start getting super bummed out about winter. I start craving a warm breeze on my face, thinking about how long it’s been since my skin felt that sweet tingle of sunshine. In the mornings, all I want is to be able to go outside barefoot with a steaming cup of coffee and watch the sun rise in silent splendor.

But, alas, we’ve got months left of this cold, dismal winter.

It is much harder for me to be happy and content with my life in these months. The short days make me irritable and unproductive; the worst part about it is that I know it’s happening but it’s hard to shake myself out of it.

One thing that always seems to help me is recognizing that I have the power to make a good day or bad day. I can choose to have a good attitude in spite of the constant shivering and lack of sunshine. Curling my fingers around a hot cup of coffee, cuddling into an oversized sweater, roaming the house with a blanket over my shoulders and slippers on my feet – these pleasant things help me along the way. I also just remember how good the sun feels, and that the cold helps me appreciate the warmth even more.

Not to mention, my life is brimming with blessings, and they shouldn’t be ignored because I’m mad at the weather.


To help fight off those winter blues, I am giving away this marvelous “Choose Joy” Wall Flag, available at my Etsy shop. It’s always nice to have a little reminder on your wall! Here’s how to enter the giveaway:

  1. Hop on over to my Facebook page and give it a like.
  2. Leave a comment on this post about how you keep warm in the winter.
  3. Share the post to your wall (optional, but always nice!).

The winner will be chosen randomly on Monday morning. Good luck and be sure to share with your friends!



2 thoughts on “Choose Joy: Winter Musings and a Giveaway

  1. Wish I was more”savvy” with Facebook I’d enter your contest!!:-) The way Papa & I cope with those winter blahs is to – you guessed it – we leave that cold behind & escape to warm & sunny Arizona!! However, you have to get old & retired to do that so yes, the best option is to “choose joy every single day”. Also, remember the little song we sang each morning at Cousins’ Camp – This is the day that God had made, I will rejoice & be glad in it!!

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