Happy New Year! An Obligatory Post About Goals


Wow, the year seemed to pass in a flash. I can’t believe that we’re already rolling into 2015 – halfway through the 2010s, and I still think of the 2000s and being the new decade!

2014 marked a lot of changes for me and Grant, the biggest one, obviously, that we moved to the foothills of the Bighorn Mountains. We’re loving it here and can’t wait to discover more wildlife, trails, and adventures in the coming year. Grant is halfway through his first year of teaching, which also seems crazy, and I am still plugging away and making progress with Peels and Posies.

We won’t have any big moves in 2015 (hopefully – the Bighorns are still looking good right now), but we still hope for this year to be a big one of growth and love abounding. That being said, I have a few goals for the New Year I’d like to share with you all. Maybe I’ll update you on my progress throughout the year!

Here are some of my business goals:

  1. Establish a professional-looking packaging for products so I can begin selling in small shops and boutiques. Right now I kind of use my lack of packaging as an excuse for not even asking local businesses if I can sell there, so I really need to just do it and get moving.
  2. Kick my fear of going far away for craft fairs. There are some awesome craft fairs in the Denver area (which is about 6 hours from home) and I think it’d be a great opportunity for my business! I just need to stop using the distance as an excuse to forgo it.
  3. Be better organized with my business finances. As my business grows, it’s easy to toss my receipts in my accordion folder and forget about them, but I really really really need to not do that. I would like to enter my expenses and income at the end of every month.
  4. Make a new line of products for every season. My Christmas line did so well that I really want to capitalize on that idea and make a seasonal line for every season. People like buying stuff that is relevant.

I also have personal goals! Here are a few:

  1. Give up processed sugar for the year. Every few months I try to give up processed sugar and I am amazed at how energized and productive it makes me feel. I want to try giving it up in every form for a year – so white sugar, cake, flavored yogurt, etc. etc., is hopefully going to disappear from my diet. I’ll still eat honey and agave (and probably make healthy desserts with these in them for Grant), but I just want to cut back. Sugar isn’t good for me and I’m getting really tired of this sweet tooth.
  2. Unplug. My life is basically consumed by the internet. I operate an online business, I transcribe medical dictations on the computer, and I run this blog. But that does not mean I need to constantly check all my media outlets for updates. Sometimes it is nice to just forget the internet and paint, read, or take in the serenity of nature.
  3. Read at least one book a month. Reading is probably my favorite activity of them all, but I let it fall to the wayside when I’m in a busy season. I want to make it a priority again, because when I read I am emphatically more inspired. It makes a difference in my art and my daily life.
  4. Follow a year long devotional. My nana got me a devotional book for Christmas called Jesus Calling. Having a quiet time every morning will be part of my unplug time.
  5. Be a better wife. I’ve been married a year and a half and I am constantly learning how to better serve my husband. I want to clean more regularly, cook more unique meals, and just be more sensitive to his needs in general. ❤

I hope 2015 is a blessed year for you and yours. If you’d like an accountability partner for your goals this year, message me! wpid-img_20141231_112208.jpg


5 thoughts on “Happy New Year! An Obligatory Post About Goals

  1. Wow, Haleigh. Such awesome goals – you truly focus on things that really matter! I know you’ll reach those goals & we all can rejoice & celebrate with you in a year. You inspire me!!

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