Happy Birthday, Peels and Posies!


One year ago today, I opened up Peels and Posies, my Etsy shop, to the public with lots of hesitation and anxiety. Now a year later, I am so happy I followed my gut and took the plunge! There is definitely a learning curve when it comes to running an online business, and it took a while to get in the swing of things. But Peels and Posies seems to be flourishing now, and I am ever grateful for that.


At the beginning of the year, one of my resolutions was to get to 100 sales in my shop – I am happy to say that I have surpassed that goal by over 100%! Furthermore, I have participated in a number of craft fairs this year which have been fun and rewarding, and I wouldn’t change any of these experiences for a thing.


If you are thinking of opening an Etsy shop but have some hesitations, I implore you to do it! When I first opened my shop, I had no idea what direction I wanted to take it. I was absolutely clueless about everything to do with Etsy, but with a lot of research, trend-following, and hard work, I have been able to learn some of the ropes (certainly not all, as I learn more and more everyday!) and I now own a shop I am really proud of.


You’ve just got to jump in, even if you feel like you’re doing it blind. The hardest part about it is taking that initial plunge.


As a special treat for my Facebook and blog followers I am offering 15% off everything in my shop until Friday. Simply enter the code HAPPYBIRTHDAY at checkout.


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Peels and Posies!

  1. Hi Haleigh – I’ve been enjoying your blog and admire your enthusiasm for all things creative! I just opened my Etsy shop, so this post really resonated with me. It is a learning curve indeed (much like teaching a dog new tricks…). Slow, but sure progress, but so fulfilling. Thank you for inspiring my creative juices!

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