My Favorite Thing to Make: Book Spine Bookmarks

People often ask me what my favorite thing to create is. After pondering it a while (I don’t want to give a rash answer on this one), I think I finally came up with an answer. I love any and all sorts of creative activities, but my favorite thing to make is my book spine bookmarks (which you can find here in my etsy shop).

DSCN8720 DSCN5463

I really enjoy making these because they exercise my brain as well as my hand. I majored in English in college, but even before then books were monumental in my life. Every English class I ever took was my favorite – there was just something so exciting about delving into a novel, discovering its secrets, its themes and symbols and essence. Book discussions are what I lived for in school. Now that I am out of school I find myself longing for those days of book discussions and intensive reading, and one thing that helps is painting book spines on bookmarks.


Painting a book spine bookmark is like my creative version of a book discussion. I decide on (or am commissioned) a book to make, and then I stew over it. What color is this novel? What style? Is it classical or new agey or abstract or fantastical? What are the most important or deep-sitting symbols in the book?


Some books are easier to make than others, but I love this sort of challenge. When in the middle of one of these bookmarks, I find myself flipping through the pages, looking up quotes, and re-meeting the characters. Pure bliss.


My favorite books to do so far have been the Harry Potter series, but to avoid being cliche, my runner up is Ethan Frome. This was my favorite book in high school.


Bookmarks are also a great gift option for people who would much rather have their nose stuck in a book than be out partying – we all know the type! If you have a specific book in mind for a loved one, let me know and I can start a custom order for you. Cheers!

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5 thoughts on “My Favorite Thing to Make: Book Spine Bookmarks

  1. Wow, I have to say, that you are incredibly talented! As a book lover myself, I am totally squeeing over these. But I know that my husband would love these too! Going to favorite your Etsy shop, I know what I’ll be getting my guy for Valentine’s day! 😀

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