DIY Everlasting Snowflake Ornaments


Even after a few years in the north, it still seems awkward to have snow before Christmas. Well honestly, having snow at all is a bit awkward, but growing up in Texas I craved snow on Christmas Eve and Day – I wanted nothing to do with snow before or after, but it was just a very Christmassy thing. I think I’ll always be a Texan at heart. (Though the snow is growing on me a little bit.)


Wyoming has now had its second snow storm and the past few days have been bitterly cold. After a rather mild fall, I have had to succumb to the realization that winter has truly arrived (negative temperatures outside leave no room for error), but this has merely kicked my Christmas decorating into high gear.

These are all deer tracks…in my backyard.
I actually startled these two, who started running as soon as they noticed me stomping through the snow.


Since we have snow outside, it’s always nice to bring a little inside as well. No, not the wet, melty kind, but the kind that simply hang on your tree or wall and look beautiful. I have always LOVED making paper snowflakes – I think they are one of the most simple and beautiful winter DIYs in existence. A few years ago I learned how to make a six-point snowflake (rather than the four or eight-point snowflakes you learn how to make in elementary school) and I have never gone back.


Of course, paper is not the best material for long-lasting decor. It shreds, disintegrates with a drop of water, and crumples. To truly immortalize my lovely six-point snowflakes, I came up with a fool-proof plan, and now I can hang them on my tree for a chic, rustic look without worrying about them falling apart before the season is over.

Here is how I did it:

You’ll need

  • plain printer paper, cut into a square
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun and sticks
  • shimmer spray (optional but oh-so-pretty)


First, fold your square paper in half at the corners.


Now fold this in half at the bottom corners so that you have a right triangle.

DSCN8733 DSCN8734

Next, fold your two outer corners in so that they are equally shaped. It should look like this.

DSCN8736 DSCN8737

Cut the top off in a diagonal.


Now begin cutting out your shapes.


Open it up and you have a lovely snowflake!


Now for the fun part. Choose a side to be your front and hot glue every inch of paper. This makes the snowflake durable, bendable, and perfect for sticking on your tree, no string required.


Lastly, spray your beautiful snowflake with shimmer spray after the glue has completely dried.


It may take a few snowflakes for you to get the hang of the pattern cutting. My first one of the season always looks a little janky, but the more you cut, the more comfortable your hands get. Each snowflake comes out more beautiful than the one before it, I swear. If you want a variety of sizes, simply start with a full sized sheet of printer paper (cut down to a square) and use the leftover paper to make smaller ones. The small ones are more difficult to cut, but are very cute!


And that’s all it takes. There are really lots of things you can do with these everlasting snowflakes. Last year I made a “quilt” out of them. You could also make them into a bunting or put them in frames and hang them up for a wintery gallery wall.

DSCN8764    DSCN8775

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