DIY Reversible Bunting

You’re going to have to bear with me – this is kind of a technical DIY blog post, with lots of instructions. But the end result is great!


If you’re like me, you are horrible at making decisions. I stand in front of the jam section at the grocery store for 15 minutes trying to decide between apricot or strawberry. I agonize over which laundry detergent to choose. When I am making a sewing craft, it literally takes me longer to decide which fabric to choose than it takes to make the thing. With this DIY reversible bunting, you can choose your two favorite patterns, and cut your agonizing in half!

DSCN7466 DSCN7472

So here’s how I did it:


1. Cut out a cardboard triangle the size you want for your bunting. Choose your two fabrics, and for a “Give Thanks” bunting, cut out 11 triangles of each fabric.


2. Iron all of your pieces.


3. If you choose a white fabric or a really thin fabric, iron on backing so it is less see through and flimsy. You can skip this step if you feel your fabric is thick enough.


3. Place your pieces out sides together and then sew a seam through the top of the fabric.


4. Sew another seam where I’ve marked in black below. This way, you have an opening for the string and you will also be able to easily turn it right side out.


5. Trim your edges and turn your triangle right side out.


6. Iron and sew a final seam on the top and sides again.


7. Now that you’ve finished sewing, paint on your letters. I used acrylic paint mixed with textile medium.

8. The final step is stringing some twine through your triangles, and I have a trick to make it easier. Find a skinny paintbrush (a pencil would work too) and duct tape your twine around it. That way, you can string your triangles with ease! Make sure you set them out in the order they are supposed to go before having at it. It is easy to get them confused and end up with gibberish.


And there you have it!

DSCN7474   DSCN7478

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