Making Candles at Home

I am so obsessed with candles omgeeeee. Especially when it gets to this time of year. Sometimes all I feel like doing is burying my nose into a frosted cupcake candle and literally doing nothing else. My husband gets exasperated every time we walk by the candle section in Wal-Mart because we inevitably linger there for fifteen to twenty minutes so I can smell all the new flavors.


So last time we were wasting our lives away in the Wal-Mart candle section, I had a lightbulb moment – DIY candles!

It is so easy! And cheap! And you can use the prettiest dish you want! Make your way over to Wal-Mart and get these things:

  • Parrafin wax (find it by the baking section)
  • Twisted cotton twine (hardware section)
  • Essential oils (candle section)
  • A pretty dish if you don’t have one at home.


One pound of paraffin wax will make two to three candles of the size I made. It cost about $2.50, I believe. The essential oils cost $0.98 a piece, so that’s a steal! Cotton twine is inexpensive as well, so when I say this is a cheap DIY, it’s true.

I decided to choose Warm Sugar Cookie and Cinnamon scent for my essential oil. I mixed them, because I wanted a really sweet, delicious, fall smelling scent. You can choose any number of scents to mix, but make sure your scents are complimentary or your candle will be ruined!

So here’s how to do it.

First, cut a length of twine longer than the height of your container. Tape it to the bottom of your container with duct tape. If you are using a clear jar, use clear tape. Pull the string so it is tight and straight, and place it between two paint brushes or pencils, taping those together tightly. Now your container is ready.


Next, prepare a double boiler. Find a heat proof bowl (one you don’t mind getting full of wax) and a pot on which the bowl will sit. Fill the pot about half way with water. Put the water on heat and boil. While the water heats up, break your wax into smaller pieces so it melts evenly.

Place your wax in the heatproof bowl and set on top of boiling water. Heat the wax until it reaches 120 degrees or is completely melted.

Take your wax off the heat and add your oils. I used about half a bottle of each of my scents. Mix in gently.

Carefully pour your wax into the container with the wick. Let the wax cool for 24 hours before burning.


And there you have it! Candle made at home! Mine turned out fantastically and smells absolutely delicious. I also really love the container I used because I feel like it has a distinctive Halloween vibe.

DSCN7617 DSCN7619

I hope you enjoy!


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