The Wonderful Wildlife of Wyoming

So far, one of the best things about living in Wyoming is the abundance of wildlife I get to see on a daily basis. Deer and turkeys are almost as common in Dayton as humans, I swear, but I often find myself wishing a moose would wander into my backyard as well (though they say mama moose are the most dangerous animals in the Bighorns). This moose Grant and I saw after a day of hiking in the Bighorns doesn’t look very mean, though!

Here is a sampling of the wildlife that frequent the foothills of the Bighorns:


There are lots of different types of deer in Wyoming, but I think my favorite are the mule deer. They are fluffier than normal deer, and much less skittish. You come across a whitetail and it immediately scurries off; a mule deer, on the other hand, just stares, unfazed by the notice of humans. We’ve seen them in busy neighborhoods during the middle of the day, just meandering around, eating bushes and stuff.


Marmots are big rodents but they are very cute. They kind of look like beavers except without the large flat tail. We saw this one at Mount Rushmore, but they lurk in the mountains by our house too.


A fantastic flock of wild turkeys has moved into my backyard. My husband calls them nosy, because they like to see what we are doing when we go out there, doing yard work and what not. They make the funniest noises too, and sometimes the deer hang out with them. The horses like to mess with them as well.

DSCN6450 DSCN6464 DSCN6030

Evidently, a mother moose will do anything to protect her baby. Everyone always says that moose out here can be more dangerous than black bears, even, because moose are not afraid of measly humans, where black bears have more of a timid disposition naturally.

DSCN6021DSCN5794This black bear was in a nature preserve – doesn’t it just look so cuddly and nice? I imagine black bears in the wild aren’t quite so chill, but I would still love to see one.

I wish I had a picture of a pronghorn deer, but I’ve never been quite close enough to get a good shot. Those are weird looking animals, and they are everywhere out here.

Hope you enjoyed this sampling of Wyoming wildlife! I know I always do. 🙂



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