Coffee Station Makeover

Since my husband got me a fancy coffee maker for our one year anniversary (a couple months ago) I figured it was time to vamp up my coffee station. It was a little blah before.



At first when we moved into our rental house I was a little put off by this weird set of drawers with the hideous formica top. It sits right outside the kitchen and next to the fridge (yes, I was also a little put off by the fridge being outside the kitchen, but I’m over it now). But then I realized this (albeit ugly) corner of my house would make the perfect coffee station, and when I got my fabulous new coffee maker (that has the ability to make coffee by itself in the morning!) I realized it was time to turn it from drab to fab. Yep, I said it.


A few simple tweaks made a world of difference. Some color on the walls, the gleaming word POUR, a removable “counter-top” with pretty a pretty floral fabric beneath and VOILA!


First let me tell you about my POUR sign. Typographic word signs have been all the rage recently, but I wasn’t about to spend $10 to $20 dollars per letter when I can just as easily make my own. I didn’t have to buy a single supply for this project – I formed the letters out of a recycled pizza box and then papier-mached over them.

DSCN6725 DSCN6726 DSCN6826 DSCN6878

I decided to papier-mâché outside, since I always make a massive mess when doing the job. And of course, the view from my backyard can’t be beat, so it makes for pleasant work.

DSCN6813 DSCN6815After letting words dry for a day or so, I painted over them with gold. After that dried, I mod podged over them with a layer of glitter. I am so pleased with the result!

To attach them to the wall, I simply used thumb tacks.


My removable counter-top was super easy as well. I actually found this piece of glass right next to the set of drawers (don’t know where it came from, but whatevs) and it is actually a little too long, but that doesn’t bother me too much. I cleaned the glass thoroughly and then cut out fabric to size. I then sprayed the glass with Craft Bond spray adhesive and carefully pressed the fabric onto the glass. Sooooo easy and now I have an easy to clean, colorful counter-top as opposed to the easily stained formica of before.


I lastly tacked some antique doilies to the wall. Love the effect.

DSCN6977 DSCN6978

I hope this inspires you to turn a boring corner of your house into something cheerfully fantastic! Simple touches are what make a house a home, after all.


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