Stool Makeover and Short People Problems

Those of you who know me, know that I am short. For the majority of my years I’ve been patted on the head and called cute. Nevertheless, I do not think that being a small person puts me at a disadvantage at all; for instance, if I need to I can fit into a full sized locker. I can also sit on kid chairs without breaking them. I can walk under low hanging branches without fearing for my safety. There are sooooo many good things about being short!

One thing I do have a weakness for, though, is stools. You can never have too many stools in your house when your height is lacking. So when I saw this $5 stool at a craft fair, I just had to buy it in spite of it’s gaudy color. That can be easily fixed anyway.


I contemplated what to do with the stool for a long time. I oftentimes feel pressured into making conventional choices in regards to my home decorating, because it seems like as adults there is this notion that our homes need to be understated and sophisticated. Those of you who have been to my house know that the decor style is far from understated and sophisticated. I’ve got mismatching florals and every color under the rainbow and novelties covering the walls floor to ceiling. If being an adult means painting your stools in a neutral, I want none of it.

So I decided to go all out on this one. Flirty, colorful, happy, and just a little cliche. Because we all need a healthy dose of cliche in our lives. (It’s going in my craft room anyway, and there are no rules in there.)

DSCN6922 DSCN6924 DSCN6925

Here’s how I did it.

I painted over the orange with a basic white. While letting it dry, I contemplated color options. Don’t go out and buy a whole gallon for a project like this – in the paint section of Walmart you can often get little paint samples for minimal to no cost. Get as many as you like and experiment like I did. Make sure you also have a brush, mod podge, pretty paper (I used scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby) for decoupaging, and a polyurethane stain for the finishing touches.


After deciding on which colors to use, I painted it and let it fully dry. I didn’t paint the top since I knew it would be covered in paper. In the meantime, I thought about which paper to use for decoupaging the top. I wanted to make a mosaic of sorts with my paper, so I decided to use a mixture of florals and typographic patterns.


Cut/rip out the paper you would like to use and lay it down before you apply any of the glue. Figure out where you want what, that way you don’t end up with a big, gooey mass of paper mistake. When you feel confident in your design, apply a layer of mod podge to the stool. Make it a thick one.

Apply the paper and press down, making sure to get rid of any air bubbles. When you’re through with this, apply another layer of mod podge to the top.

Let it dry for at least a day and then apply your polyurethane. This will prevent tackiness from the mod podge (the only bad thing about mod podge). The polyurethane is oil based, so it needs a long time to dry. If you are using a regular paint brush that you want to save, make sure to clean it with paint thinner, as water will not work for that job.

DSCN6931And that’s it! A made-over stool. Decoupaging is fun.


2 thoughts on “Stool Makeover and Short People Problems

  1. Wow! Soooo Cool is your stool!! Remember the step stool (unfinished) I have so you girls could climb into the “high bed” when you were little squirts? STILL unfinished. You’ve inspired me!! If I don’t ever get around to it-it’s yours.:-)

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