Tongue River Canyon

The Tongue River Canyon is one of my favorite places in the Bighorns. It’s only about five miles from my house, and is just one of those places that is so breathtakingly beautiful you can’t seem to get your bearings while you’re there. Honestly, if it’s not on a puzzle yet, it should be.


The trail itself hugs the Tongue River, which comes down from the mountain in a fury. Even in the dead of summer the water is shockingly cold. The trail goes on for miles, and the further in you go, the greater the rapids are in the river.

Every time you go to the Canyon, something looks different. The first time I went was in the middle of summer, and the trees were with heavy with emerald leaves. Now the leaves are starting to change colors; the landscape is turning golden. When my friend Sydney was visiting, I took her to the Canyon the day after it snowed, so there were still piles of white glistening on the rocks.


Doesn’t she look just marvelous with her flower crown?? Blends in perfectly!

DSCN6597  DSCN6590DSCN6641

This is the snowman I made. I just couldn’t pass up the most perfect snowman-making snow I’ve ever seen.


I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of this hike. Even though it is the same landscape each time, there are subtleties that are ever changing – the noises, the colors, the shadows, the skies. Tongue River Canyon is definitely a place to visit if you’re ever in the area.

In the meantime, watch this excellent video Sydney and I made while romping the rocks and hills. It’s all about Harry Potter, so that’s great.


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