Back To School Blues

My husband goes back to high school next week – as a teacher, not a student. This will be his first year of teaching high school math (I’m always glad one of us can do math, though I applaud his courage at deciding to teach it) and he has enlisted me as classroom decorator. I never thought I would say this, but all this talk about lessons, classroom decorating, and wandering hallways in search of colored paper and sticky tack has kind of made me miss high school. I’ve got the back to school blues.

einstein art
Einstein: Started as an original painting – ended as print on fabric.

There’s just something serene about crisp paper and new pencils and the prospect of a whole new set of responsibilities. A fresh start. You never knew what the new year would bring, and that was the most exciting part of all.

It’s been a year now since I graduated college and more and more I find myself wishing I had a book to analyze or a set of problems to mull over. Sometimes, I read over English papers I wrote in college and lament that I have no occasion to write things like that anymore. (I know, I’m a super nerd.) Don’t get me wrong, I love having the freedom I have now – to write whatever I want or spend hours painting bookmarks or take long hikes in the mountains – but I miss exercising my brain. I didn’t realize it would create such a hole in my life once school was over.

Mr DeRochers drinking fountain pass copy
One in a series of passes I designed for Grant’s classroom.

Luckily my house is basically a personal library, though, and my new little town is full of fresh adventures. My brain will be adequately employed without school, I’m sure, and when I want a little taste, I can just wander across the street and visit Grant in his classroom. (The coolest classroom, I might add, thanks to some excellent color-coordination on my part.) Not to mention, there is plethora of cheesy high school television dramas right at my fingertips 😉

Do you ever wish you could go back to school?




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