Blog Anniversary, A Cat-Shaped Crossbody Purse, and Tending the Herbs

Hello lovelies!

It’s been a while since I have posted anything on here, and in my neglect, I failed to realize that yesterday was the one-year anniversary of my dear Consider the Peel. One year! A year ago I was unmarried, living with my grandparents, and experiencing my first real winter in about ten years!

Yesterday was a good first birthday for my blog (even though I didn’t realize that’s what it was at the time). It got up to 60 degrees in Gilbert, and the sun was beating brilliantly down. I went on a 4 and a half mile run, which was absolutely fantastic even though my shoes got soaked through.

When I wasn’t outside, I was spending my time making this cat crossbody purse.


I will admit it took me forever to figure out how to do, since I made up my own pattern. I have this handicap when it comes to following someone else’s patterns – okay, so it’s less of a handicap and more of an impatient, pig-headed independence and a disposition of boredom while reading instructions. I don’t know how people normally come up with patterns. I am sure there is a science in there somewhere, but I’ve never had the patience to read about it. So I used my own method and fashioned this paper purse instead.


Then I cut out of paper the same shapes with about a half an inch extra on every side, for seam allowance. I decided to use three layers of fabric (including a lining) to give the purse more structure and durability. After the fabric pieces had been cut out, it was all just a matter of thinking reeeaaaallly hard about which way to sew everything so it came out with all the sides facing the right ways. The lining was particularly difficult for me to figure out, but this informative video really helped me out.


One of these days, I will figure out how to sew a buttonhole on my sewing machine, but for now it is handsewing for me. I don’t really mind it, of course.

In other news, today I finally decided to be a good plant mother and prune my struggling herbs. This winter has been a tough one on them (the window on who’s sill they sit is constantly frozen over on the inside) resulting in the demise of my basil, and the others worse for wear. I’m not sure my chamomile will survive. 😥  Nevertheless, after pruning, I now have this luminescent plate of fresh parsley and lavender leaves sitting on my window sill and smelling all spring-like. Wonderful.


I have planted more basil, oregano, mint, rosemary, and dill and they are just now tiny little sprouts. Unfortunately, I do not know which is which anymore, as all my labels washed off.

Other than running, purse-making, herb-tending, and wife-being, I have been keeping busy with my Etsy shop Peels and Posies. Recently, I’ve made a lot of brooches, badges, fridge magnets, and little wall hangings. Now I have a question for you: Are cat purses something you would like to see in my Etsy shop?

Sherlock Silhouette Brooch, Peels and Posies on Etsy, $11



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