DIY Christmas Gift Tags

Growing up, I remember my mom always used to buy an assortment of those stock Christmas gift tags for wrapped presents, the kind with grinning snowmen or cheesy holiday salutations (which I absolutely love). Honestly, though, it seemed like about half the time she’d forget to actually put the name of the recipient on the gift. I remember one year my brother Andrew opened three seasons of the TV show The Office and he was sooo excited. But my mom squealed, grabbed the package, and said, “Oh, I’m sorry!” We all looked at her in puzzlement. “That’s for Haleigh.” Boo-yah, best Christmas present ever, stolen from the very fingers of my good ole bro.

This little anecdote is all to say how important gift tags are, and they really don’t have to be the store bought kind. I personally enjoy painting my own gift tags. If you are not artistically gifted, however, there are still options for you.

  1. Glue vintage buttons and ribbon on square cardstock and write or type the to and from.
  2. Cut out scrapbook paper and layer it in interesting ways onto cardstock.
  3. Cut Christmas shapes (like gingerbread men, evergreens, snowmen) out of felt and embroider or draw the names on with felt marker.

However, if you’re really feeling the look of hand-painted Christmas tags this year, you are in luck! My hand-painted posie tags are available at my Etsy shop, Peels and Posies, and are downloadable. That means you can have them the day you buy them! Perfect if you’re in a wrapping bind. Otherwise, have a great time DIYing! ❤



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