Deer Dreams

Don’t ask me what it means, but recently my world has been so full of deer it’s almost absurd. Not that I really mind much, because deer are my absolute favorite animal in the whole wide world. But still. I’ve even been having dreams about them. What’s that all about??


Last night as Grant and I were driving home from bible study, we were about a foot from slamming in to this poor little deery that was crossing the road in front of us. It was the first time I’d come that close to hitting a deer with my car, and Grant can attest that I screamed like a little baby. The poor deer just looked so confused, stepping this way and that as our lights blinded her. Luckily we were only going about 45 mph, so we had enough time to slam on the brakes before slamming into her.

Maybe that’s part of what brought on my dream from last night. A family of deer broke into our apartment while we were sleeping – a mommy deer, a daddy deer, and a baby deer. The baby deer hopped onto the bed and curled up beside me like a little darling. Two nights ago, I had a different deer dream, one that also involved a deer being in our apartment.


This time, the deer did not break in. He was our pet, and he was still small but not as small as the baby from last night. It was the middle of the night and there was a loud knock on the door. Grant went to answer it and we heard “Haleigh Robbins? Haleigh Robbins!” (don’t know why my maiden name was used…) Turns out President Obama was at our door and he wanted to speak with me. So we ushered him in and he saw our pet deer and he was like “Oh, well…how cute!” But really he was scared. The deer proceeded to growl (I don’t think deer actually growl) and then kicked President Obama down! I half-heartedly scolded my deer pet (see what I did there?), but the President was fine so I wasn’t too bothered.

I think all these dreams might mean I need a new pet. A couple weeks ago I got to play with the little deer that’s been hanging around my husband’s parents’ farm (pictured above). That experience has convinced me that a deer would in fact be the most perfect pet conceivable.

Did you know that a deer will wag his tail when he is excited about something? It’s true! When we went out to feed him, he saw his bottle, hopped around animatedly, and wagged his tail. He also knows his name and will come to it. Either that or he recognizes my father-in-law’s voice. Nevertheless, when Doug would call “Come Deer!” the precious thing actually came!

A Wounded Deer Leaps the Highest // Deer Silhouette Wall Hanging by Peels and Posies on Etsy

My father-in-law found the baby deer by his shed one day, so weak it couldn’t even walk. The poor thing had been abandoned by his mother, so they decided to nurse him back to health. Now he’s the sweetest deer on the planet. The only other time I’ve petted a deer (see the chronicles of that experience here) I was also struck by how friendly the creatures were. Like I said before – perfect pet ever.

Inspired by all the deer activity going on in my life, I made this Deer Silhouette Wall Hanging with a quote by Emily Dickinson, “A wounded deer leaps the highest” (from the poem of the same name). I thought it was fitting and a little bit encouraging. You know, a deer can still run miles after it’s been shot; a last burst of perseverance and tenacity. I don’t know why anyone would want to shoot a deer, but that is a discussion for another time, I suppose. You can find my Deer Wall Hanging and other whimsical decor at my Etsy shop, Peels and Posies.


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