More Florals and Bunting


I think it’s remarkable how simplicity can sometimes be the perfect recipe for charm. These magical little buntings are for my wedding, but because they are made of fabric I would feel perfectly comfortable hanging them up in my home for keeps. Like over the windows or lining the door. Mmmm.


The trick is choosing a pleasing color palette and pattern combination. These fabrics are essentially the flavor of my wedding; I like things a little eclectic and whimsical. However, I also think this style of bunting would be equally cute in a solid color or a using just one patterned fabric.


Cut your fabric in rectangles and fold in half. Cut the ends in triangle or reverse triangle (i’m considering scallops for next time).


Prepare your string. I used twine.


Pin down and sew.

DSCN0414DSCN0340Now I have a bunch of triangle scraps left over. So the question of the hour is: What should I do with them?


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