The Liebster Award!

To my utmost surprise and gratitude, the lovely blogger from King Lilith has nominated Consider the Peel for the Liebster Award. An award! For me! Okay, so it’s not a traditional award. But still. The Liebster Award is a virtual award to promote and encourage new bloggers (who have recently started their site or have fewer than 200 followers). AKA, “spreading the virtual love.” How grand. I am deeply appreciative of my fellow blogger’s motivation and support! Thanks King Lilith! liebster2

There are three requirements for accepting the award:

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated me.
  2. Answer the questions the nominator asked me.
  3. Nominate blogs I think are awesome (and have them answer my questions in return).

So here goes. The Questions:

1. Why did you start blogging?
I always feel like I have ideas exploding out of my brain – too many to carry all at once. Sometimes, sending picture texts to my sister or mom relieves the pressure, but what I really want is to share my ideas with the world. Maybe this makes me an egomaniac, but ultimately I think my point-of-view is worth sharing. I mean, once my dad told me I could make a million dollars by crafting…That counts for something, right?

2. How do you keep your content original and interesting?
I just do what I want. For real. I haven’t been blogging forever, but I have been doing all the things I blog about for forever. My crafts and baked goods and obsession with books are all sewn into my soul, so originality doesn’t often cross my mind. Obviously, I want to have a unique point-of-view, but if my ideas aren’t organically unique then blogging wouldn’t even be worth it. Forcing an idea is like putting milk in a bowl and calling it ice cream. You aren’t fooling anyone.

3. What/who inspires you?
Gosh. I am inspired by so much. First and foremost, I have to mention the most inspiring books/authors in the entire world (this is scientific): 1) The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald literally makes me want to pause life and devote every moment to creation. It is utterly beautiful, but at the same time it makes me feel deficient. Hopefully someday I’ll be able to create the way Fitzgerald did, be it whatever medium I settle on. 2) JK Rowling and The Harry Potter Series. Call this cliche. Whatever. I love JK Rowling for the way she started a movement with her words – the way she created a story so perfect that it affected millions of people. And she caused kids to get excited about reading! That’s just amazing. 3) Edith Wharton. Edith Wharton is just…the bomb. She wrote pretty books. Anyway. As for the other things that inspire me. Jesus is a big one. Another one is my family (my sister especially, for her crazy concoctions and her beautiful art. See her work here). My fiancé Grant is always encouraging me, which is an inspiration itself. Honestly, I could go on forever about the things that inspire me. But I’ll stop here and leave the rest for another discussion.

4. Would you still blog if you knew no one was going to read it?
Yep. It’s cathartic.

5. Blogging – the future or a fad?
I am inclined to think it’s the future. I really hope it’s not going to completely overtake print media (like books – oh, the inhumanity!), but I definitely think it’s here to stay. It’s the way our society is turning – recipes online are just easier to look up than recipes in cook books.

6. What are the best things about your blog?
Eh, I don’t know. I just like the whole process and end product of a post. The ones I like best are when I manage to get pretty pictures of whatever I’m posting about, but as I’m not an expert with a camera this doesn’t happen very often…

7. Have you learned anything from blogging?
I had no idea that there was such a sense of community when it comes to blogging. For some reason, I always thought of bloggers as stiff-faced critics who only had good things to say about their own stuff. The amount of support from the other bloggers out there is incredible! It really makes blogging a pleasure.

8. If you were going to be an animal, what sort would you be and why?
Well, that’s easy! I would totally be a deer, because they are the best animals out there. Although, I did almost run over one last night…so maybe not. Maybe a fox or something that could fly. Like an owl. Or a sparrow. Yeah, sparrow sounds good.

Here are the great blogs I am nominating for The Liebster Award:

Here are the questions I’m asking:

  1. Why did you start blogging?
  2. Who/what inspires you?
  3. Do you ever feel self-conscious about a post you’ve written?
  4. What is your favorite thing about the blogosphere?
  5. How often do you post?
  6. Would you blog even if no one ever read it?
  7. What is your favorite thing to read?
  8. What is your favorite thing to eat?
  9. What is your favorite thing to do? (other than blog, of course!)
  10. If you had to choose just one activity to do/participate in for the rest of your life, what would it be?

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