The Lavender Chronicles: A Painted Pot

IMG_3556IMG_3566My lavender has finally graduated to a real pot. It was honestly probably well-passed due, but I wanted to find the perfect pot to plant my little sprigs in, especially since I’ll be (hopefully) keeping them for a while.

You know I just love being thrifty when it comes acquiring things I need. I’d been scouring flea markets for a couple weeks, trying to find a pot that was 1). pretty and 2). cheap (always the same conditions) that would also fit all my little lavender plants. A nice pot, so I can nurture them from within the comfort of my humble home!

IMG_3569Over the weekend in NW Iowa, I found this tiny pot (for $1, score!), which fit two out of ten of my plants. Unfortunately, I had no luck at the shops with a bigger pot. I think I was getting a little too specific with my wants.

IMG_3558So when I got home, my sweet grandma let me forage her garage for any pots I wanted, and I found this green pot, which, granted, had a bunch of potential but the color was rather…well snotty. And wouldn’t match ANYTHING in my flowery apartment. So of course I used my powers of innovativeness and I got out my paints!

IMG_3559IMG_3548IMG_3550Now my lavender is happily planted in a vibrant pot that will fit in with the rest of my whimsy-licious decor. Painting is such an easy fix. If you have a specific look in mind but are on a budget, don’t despair when you can’t find it at your local Goodwill or thrift shop. Nine times out of ten YOU have the power to make exactly what you want with just a little time and effort.

IMG_3557I love being able to do things on my own. It means I don’t have to rely on the market or on other people to satisfy my needs (and I find that when I do  rely on those things, I’m hardly ever happy). So have power over your own happiness (read beautiful home) and go paint some crusty pots!



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