More Crepe Paper Flowers and What I Did With My Other Ones

IMG_3488IMG_3487So, I was going to make some interesting wreath or other with all those pretty pink crepe paper roses I made not long ago. But then I stemmed them and realized that they were pretty enough as just plain flowers.

IMG_3232IMG_3496I made enough to form two large bouquets; one bouquet is in a wonderful vase I bought for $1 at Goodwill a couple years ago,

IMG_3499and the other in a great mason jar I salvaged when my fiancé finished off his Peach and Pineapple Salsa from Walmart.

IMG_3504See? Aren’t they just too pretty to further mess around with? They always say, less is more….

So obviously I had a new problem. A little crepe paper flower garland would have looked oh-so-lovely! So I hopped on over to Wally World to get some plain white crepe paper, and I started working. I realized there were so many more types of flowers I can make. Why I ever felt confined to roses, I don’t know. Also, because the white is so plain, it gives more freedom in the variety of flowers without making the bunch look too cheesy or over the top.

I want to show you how to make three more types of flowers, but the varieties really are endless, and a lot of times they happen kind of by accident. They are made in the same fashion as the others: cut and roll.

IMG_3475IMG_3467IMG_3462IMG_3465IMG_3466Staple the end to keep it intact.

Now to my original intent. I strung these flowers together with natural twine, double knotting tight to make sure they won’t ever EVER come loose.

IMG_3485IMG_3486I’m quite happy with my final products – white and pink. I particularly love the way they look in the creature whimsy book nook I have in one side of my closet. There’s so much happiness in there.



4 thoughts on “More Crepe Paper Flowers and What I Did With My Other Ones

  1. Oh my god, I LOVE your whimsical book nook. Could be the closet young adult lit junkie in me, or the craft-hoarder, or the lust I possess for woodland animals (uh, that sounds weird), but this is 100% perfection. And thanks for checking out the pig and quill!

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