DIY Deer Head, Because There Is Nothing Better Than Deer + Glitter + a Pretty Floral Bow

Walter (my LOVELY deer head) wanted a photo shoot, so let’s just bask in that for a moment.

IMG_3259IMG_3261IMG_3265 IMG_3263Ahhh. There’s just nothing better than a beautiful deer covered in glitter, mounted a board decorated with fabric you love…Okay, maybe I’m a little too obsessed with my creation. But for real, best idea ever.

I love deers. More than I should. A couple weeks ago I was with my fiancé at his family’s farm. One night, I ran to the window to watch the snow fall, and there was a deer feet from the window, nibbling away at the grass. The huge snowflakes were landing on her back, dusting her with whiteness, and I thought it was the most beautiful sight imaginable. A deer, so close.

My yell of delight, however, was met mostly with indifference.

Okay, I get that farm people consider deer to be rodents essentially, and that what they’re best at is being dinner. Even knowing this, l just cannot see a deer without being tickled. I would love a pet deer. Call me crazy. (A fox would suffice as well).

I saw this tutorial on the Better Homes and Gardens website and just had to do it. I changed it up a bit, but it’s essentially the same.

IMG_3257I used this wood board from Hobby Lobby and a foam egg, along with a liter bottle, cut down the middle and stuffed with newspaper. I taped it into a suitable deer head shape, and commenced to papier-mâché. For my glue mixture, I mixed 1 part flour to 1 part water.

A good tip on papier-mâchéing: Add some cinnamon to your paste mixture so it does not smell so gross. I absolutely adore the smell of cinnamon, and if you do too YOU’VE GOT TO DO THIS.

IMG_3248Now Walter lives by my Harry Potter collection, but soon enough he’ll be mounted on a wall somewhere. And most likely he’ll be attending my woodsy wedding.


4 thoughts on “DIY Deer Head, Because There Is Nothing Better Than Deer + Glitter + a Pretty Floral Bow

      1. I can’t complain too much. Some of them are mine :p, but they are decidedly less sparkly. Maybe I’ll make one of these for our kitschy camper. I think it would go well with the plaid.

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