Crepe Paper Flowers

IMG_3177I loooooove flowers. In the past I’ve made paper flowers and it’s a thrilling process. The other day while at the ever-great Dollar Tree, I saw this fantastic pink crepe paper and thought: “CREPE PAPER FLOWERS GENIUS.”

IMG_3150So of course I bought it. These flowers are far prettier than I even thought they would be, and so easy to make it’s almost embarrassing that I’m posting the instructions to my blog. But hey, I might as well share the magic.

FIRST: roll the crepe paper like so,

IMG_3151THEN: cut the edges so when you unfold it it’s scalloped,

IMG_3152NEXT: just start twisting till there’s nothing left to twist.

IMG_3153For a more natural look, crimp the edges as you roll them.

IMG_3155Mmmmm pretty.

IMG_3178๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

You’ll see these flowers soon again (in a garland of some sort; yes, wedding decorations), but I was so excited about them I just couldn’t wait to post. And I’ve posted far too many recipes recently, so that’s that and here’s this.


2 thoughts on “Crepe Paper Flowers

  1. Love your flowers and very good instructions will look forward to seeing more from you. I get my crepe paper and tissue paper from the CrepePaperStore they have a great color selection.

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