Cinnamon Cantaloupe Milk; And Gosh, Melons Taste Like Summer

IMG_3144Ever wondered if the innards of a cantaloupe have any use? It’s a common question that putters through my mind as I cut into those fragrant melons that mark the beginning of the warm season. And typical me, I hate letting things go to waste.

IMG_3146SO with a little research, I found that cantaloupe seeds are actually very high in protein (an astonishing 21g in every 100g) and contain vitamins A, B6, B12, D, E, and K. There is also significant number of minerals in the humble seed, including but not limited to iron, calcium, and potassium.

IMG_3145According to, the milk from cantaloupe seeds is high enough in protein content and nutrients that it is a viable substitute for cow’s milk. WHOA.

Needless to say, I can’t let something so nutritional go to waste, can I? I found some recipes on the inter-webs for cantaloupe milk using water, so I figured, why not make it a little richer, a little craaazier?Thus, my concoction made from the innards, milk, and a couple slices of fresh cantaloupe. It’s pretty delicious. And basically a mouthful of summer.


Cinnamon Cantaloupe Milk


Innards of one cantaloupe (seeds and all)

1 or 2 slices of fresh cantaloupe

1 cup milk

1/4 tsp cinnamon (or more to taste)

Agave nectar to taste

5 or 6 ice cubes


1. Puree cantaloupe innards in food processor until smooth. Place all ingredients in a blender and blend on high.

2. For a frothier milk, blend longer. For a more smoothie-like consistency, add more ice.

(In making this drink, I found that the longer I blended it, the more it became a whipcream-like consistency. Which in turn triggered a thought: This would be GREAT “whipcream” on top of a strawberry pie or a piece of chocolate cake. And so nutritional! But if you’re not a fan of the whip, there are options for you. Add more ice, milk, or use water to begin with rather than milk.)


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