Love and Butterfly Bunting

IMG_2998I love bunting – it’s so whimsical and sweet!

As you might guess, my purpose in making these buntings was for my wedding in July, but having them hanging in my room sure puts a smile on my face. Especially when what’s beyond my window is a frozen tundra. The butterflies take me to my happy place (which involves warm sunlight and flowers blooming on the trees).

Many more buntings (different shapes, colors, materials, etc) are to come. These were pretty simple.

For the Love-Is-Sweet bunting, I used gold sparkle cardstock from Hobby Lobby and simply cut out the letters. No stencil required, and it only took three large sheets (12 by 12). For the butterfly bunting, I cut out butterfly shapes from an assortment of decorative paper and punched out holes down the middle and in the wings with a hole punch. Then, I cut small paper doilies into sixths and glued them on top of the butterfly shape with rubber cement. I strung them up with simple soft twine.

The magic of buntings is that they can be made into any shape you so desire, and wedding decor is not their only use. They truly do brighten a room, adding color, character, and that all but necessary pop of eccentricity. Needless to say, I won’t be throwing these wedding decorations away.



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