Homemade Peanut Butter

IMG_3046Peanuts peanuts peanuts.


I also love peanut butter. Do you know what’s in your peanut butter? My favorite kind of store bought peanut butter is Whole Foods 365 Crunchy Peanut Butter, an all natural, delicious peanut butter with the only ingredients peanuts and salt. A close second is Smucker’s Natural Peanut Butter, which also only contains salt and peanuts, but is a little runnier than the 365 brand. You just can’t beat the all-natural.

Did you know that Jif Creamy contains only 90% peanuts? The other 10% is made up of palm oil, sugar, and molasses. This simply seems silly when literally all it takes to make a jar ofyour own natural peanut butter is roasted peanuts and a food processor. The natural oils of the peanuts and the steady grinding of the food processor for about five minutes makes a creamy, delicious, and healthier version of one of the most magnificent condiments on the planet.

IMG_3045Now let’s talk about cost. As all peanut butter lovers know and hate, peanut butter is expensive. Buying shelled peanuts in bulk (such as this 35 ounce can of roasted peanuts from Wal-Mart) and then grinding them into homemade peanut butter will not save you any money. (A 26 ounce jar of Smuckers Natural costs about $4.60, the can of peanuts about $6.) However, if you buy a huge bag of unshelled, raw peanuts, and go to the work of shelling, roasting, and grinding (which is admittedly a lot of work) you will save money. A lot of money. It is just a matter of whether it is worth your time. I personally think it is worth mine.

IMG_2560Not to mention, there is a lot of freedom in making your peanut butter. I like trying new flavor combinations, and one of my favorite flavors is cinnamon. So why not throw some cinnamon in my homemade peanut butter? Or cocoa powder and agave? Or honey? So, with a little effort, it’s possible to make homemade, gourmet peanut butter without breaking your budget. Lovely.


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