DIY Birdhouses

IMG_2996I have lots of reasons to be excited about getting married in July, but one of the most delightful things about being engaged is that I have an excuse to make crafts (aka “wedding decorations”) whenever I want, even if it means procrastinating on schoolwork or shirking my other various duties. I figure this is the only time I’ll be able to craft with abandon, for a rightful cause.

I just finished refinishing these five wooden birdhouses with patterns and colors that fit into my wedding theme. I don’t know exactly what I will use them for yet; possibly centerpieces…or something. Whatever works.

IMG_2953All these plain, miniature birdhouses (that I bought from Jo-Ann’s Fabric for $1 a piece) needed was some pretty fabric and paper, modpodge, and extra glitter for kicks.

IMG_3024IMG_3023You’d be amazed by how easy it was. Literally, as long as you can cut straight lines and understand something about color theory, you could have some adorable little birdhouses, too.



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